Gas- and molecular filtration

Activated Carbons


Activated carbon for gas- and odor filtration. Availiable as bag- or bulk goods.



• AK
• ≤ 65°
Activated carbon proofs to be useful for adsorbing gaseous and vaporous impurities, which are harmful to people, animals, and plants. It is therefore placed in air conditioning and ventilation systems to purify incoming and circulating air.
Iwamac offers granulated carbon of 0.6 to 6.3 [mm] in size, as well as pulverized carbon of 0.075 [mm] in size or less.
It is produced from organic matter such as peat, nut shells, or sugar, which are being heated and treated with special substances in order to broaden their “outer” and “inner” surface.
Through this the grains form fine pores and capillary systems; the adsorbing area extends to 1700 [m²] per gram. This extremely large surface has an excellent retention level as well as a storing capacity, and leads to a long life span.
The longer the time of contact between activated carbon and air, or the more activated carbon is used; the better is the carbon’s utilization. For particular impurities impregnated and specially treated carbon is used.
The airflow’s temperature should not exceed 50 [°C], because above this level volatile substances are desorbing and they need to be adsorbable (s. table). Activated carbon is sensible to dust. Therefore it is advised to install a high-quality dust filter as a pre-filtration element. Please contact us for more, specific information about the materials you need to adsorb.

Table about the effectiveness of the activated charcoal with the following materials (selection)
The effectiveness is indicated by the shown numbers:
4 = very good adsorption, 3 = good adsorption, 2 = small adsorption, 1 = very small adsorption
acetone 3 fatty acids carbon dioxide
acetaldehyde chlorine chemical solvent
acrolein chloroform menthol
alcohol diesel oil fog methane
anaesthetics 3 acetic acid methanol
ether disinfectant merkaptane
ethereal oils formaldehyde phenol
ethane fruit smell phosgene
ethylen household smells propan
ethyl acetate iodine sweat smells
amines cerosine tetrachlorcarbons
ammonia body smells turpentine
gasoline cosmetics tobacco smells
benzene hospital smells toluol
butane cresol please req. for more