Gas- and molecular filtration

Carbopanel PB


Flat panel adsorbtion filter for odor- and gasfiltration used in exhaust air (i.e. kitchen), exhaustion and machinery corrosion protection.



• AK
• CH
• EX
• ≤ 65°
Carbopanel PB is used for the filtration of exhalation, hydrocarbon compounds or other gaseous or rather molecular atmospheric pollutions. The design unites the demand for small sizes with the advantage of the adsorptive capacity of not bonded carbon. The filter panels are filled with premium, asymmetric formed granulate of activated carbon (if required with other sorbent compositions).
This advantages a turbulent air flow through the bed of carbon and allows a better utilization of the capacity instead of common carbon. Since the small part of ash and the optimized structure of pores above-average rates of adsorption can be achieved. The frame (depth only 25 mm) encapsulates the activated carbon securely between two corrosion resistant metal grills in a safety fleece which is a filter for abrasion, too.
Flexible tensions in the filter housing keep the carbon under pressure that it cannot slip away. Bypassing the activated carbon is impossible. Carbopanel PB can be adapted to the individual need of your processes.
The size is variable to a maximum edge length of 650 mm and the activated carbon can be chosen according to the contaminant spectrum for the optimal performance.
loose carbon, safely encapsulate in a 25 mm galvanized steel frame. Tension elements within the filter ensure enough pressure on the carbon to avoid bypasses.