Gas- and molecular filtration

Activated Carbons


Granulate used for the filtration of odors and for gas filtration respectively destruction by oxidation. Especially suited for the filtration of H2S and SO2 filtration.



• CH
• ≤ 120°
Clean Pro is a chemisorbtive granulate which serves as replacement or as addition to IW Activated Carbon. Clean Pro offers favourable adsorption abilities against various organic gases. We recommend that it is used in addition to activated carbon at processes where H2S, SO2 or other organic / smell intensive agents, i.e. amino acids or formaldehyde must be removed from the air flow.
Clean Pro is manufactured from high porosity activated alumina granules, which are impregnated with potassium permanganate (KMNO4). The potassium permanganate serves as oxidizing agent to destroy, inactivate or converse the problematic gases and odours. It is not combustible and thus fulfills UL class 1.
Clean Pro will change color by onwardly chemisorbtion / oxidation from purple (fresh media) to brown and black (used media).