Compact Filter

Deka Pak


V-Type rigid bag filter for ultimate air flow rates - ideal for turbo machinery & process air filtration.



• M5-M6
• F7-F9
• ≤ 65°
Deka Pak compact filters provide twice the filter area compared to conventional types of V-shape filters due to the greater depth of 420 mm. This allows for applications such as turbo machinery, process air and HVAC maximum flow rates and significantly longer service life. Your applications may profit from significantly lower energy consumption than with other types of filters. Deka Pak are especially recommended for applications where installation space is critical but high flow rates are required. Due to the tolerance against high air speed this filter gives more freedom in the design of space saving filter processes.
Deka Pak ideally suit as pre- or main filter for filtration of fine dusts and aerosols. They serve as intake and exhaust air filter also in harsh operating environments with high humidity. For use in the offshore turbo machinery, process air or salt removal these filter can be equipped with synthetic filter media, which does not lack in structural strength and stability when completely soaked with moisture.
The sturdy plastic frame is corrosion-free and allows for easy disposal, since the filter can be completely incinerated after ending its service lifetime.