Automatic Spray Guns

GFA Series


Top-class models of automatic spray guns

・Digital cameras/cell phones
・Notebook PC/automobile resin parts

Comparison with general-purpose spray guns

The GFA Series spray guns are designed with the focus on unevenness reduction.
The recent trends in resin coating paint are high brightness and high gloss. While paint contains many different pigments such as glass powder and evaporated metal, spray guns have come to be required to form a thinner film with a smaller spray volume, thus making the coating surface prone to become uneven. Conventional spray guns are unable to suppress such paint unevenness although they are versatile and capable of producing particles of small diameters. Reducing unevenness does not necessarily mean higher atomization performance. The important thing is where particles are distributed evenly in the pattern.

Structure and features

High-density flat pattern
Entire main body made of stainless steel
Paint path structure with little paint accumulation

Thorough pursuit of unevenness reduction performance!

With general-purpose spray guns, unevenness or an irregular pattern results from thin-film, high-gloss coating with a small spray volume. We have made thorough efforts to analyze the air flow of a spray gun and identify the causes of unevenness and eliminated those causes.

Reduction in paint consumption!

In most delivered lines, the finish quality is improved while paint consumption is reduced by 10% up to 50%.
* The reduction in the pass count due to reduced unevenness contributes more to the reduction in paint consumption than the improved transfer efficiency of the gun.


Small spray volume type
Applications: Robot coating, spindle coating, etc. for digital cameras and cell phones


GFA-200-084P lightweight type
Applications: Twin-spin and other models with multiple spray guns mounted in a single coating robot


Medium spray volume type
Applications: Mask jig coating, metal coating, etc. for notebook PCs and automobile resin parts


Medium spray volume type (with high unevenness reduction performance)
Improved unevenness reduction performance
Larger spray volume and greater pattern width
Reduction in paint consumption
High atomization performance
High corrosion resistance (titanium used in the gun body)
Target workpiece examples
Bumper, spoiler, rear garnish


Electrostatic effect is provided while maintaining the excellent design of the GFA Series.
High transfer efficiency
Support for water-based paint
Mountable even on small robots