High Efficiency Particle Filtration: EPA / HEPA / ULPA

Mikro SF-AL and Mikro RF-AL


Laminar Flow Filter for clean rooms, clean benches, FFU's and operational theatres.



• E10-E12
• H13-H14
• U15-U17
• EX
• ≤ 65°
Mikro SF-AL are high efficient HEPA and ULPA filters for submicron particle filtration (>20 nm). The filters are outfitted with sturdy extruded anodized aluminum profile frames which makes them corrosion resistant and due to the low weight allows easy handling.
The filters are designed to work most efficiently in environments that require the highest cleanliness, such as in pharmaceutical, medical, electric, or nanotechnology industries. Such environments require a secure removal of dust, particles, microorganisms and viruses from supply air as a basic requirement for their function.
Clean room technologies aim to control the air inside facilities by removing dust and microorganisms and leading it to selected work places or operation rooms. Mikro-SF AL are designed to serve as main filter stage for terminal filtration in filter ceilings, filter walls, clean benches, isolators, work cabins, air showers and air passages that require a laminar air flow beside pure air.