Panel Filter

Pleat filter Alpha Pak 35 and Alpha Pak 55


Pre- and main filter with rigid plastic frame and maximum filter surface.



These compact filter cells serve as pre filters for HVAC systems and Turbines offering maximum filtration abilities at minimal dimensions.
Alpha Pak´s greatest benefits is the compact construction with frame depths of 48 and 96 [mm], the outstanding dust holding capacity, maximized filter surface as well as hygienic design.
Alpha Pak are available in two different filter classes (EN 779: G4 and F5).
The frame of Alpha Pak is made of rigid extruded polystyrene profiles with edge connectors. This guarantees optimal hygienic as well as stability and also ensures easy disposal because the whole filter can be incinerated.
The high quality synthetic filter media offers deep-filtration effects thus achieving higher dust holding capacities than similar products from other manufacturers. It is pleated to self-supporting folds that are fixed by plastic spacers offering even more rigidity.