Automotive Refinishing Spray Guns

Process-specific kiwami Spray Guns (Base Coat/Clear Coat)


Two advanced kiwami models; ultimate tools suitable for superior skill and technique



We have added to the lineup two new models created by enhancing W-101-136BGC of the current 'kiwami Series to better suit environment-friendly paint used for automotive refinishing (one-pack low-solvent base coat, high solid clear, etc.).
The two new models are each designed for a specific process: W-101-138BGC for base coat and W-101-148BGC for clear coat.
Both the main unit and the cap are marked "'kiwami".
The main unit is marked "BASE" or "CLEAR."
The color of the knobs of the pattern adjusting unit and air flow rate adjusting unit is black for the base coat model and silver for the clear coat model.
* Selecting the paint container

Content of the set