Filerhousings, mounting frames and duct channel housings

Solid CAT, welded stainless housing


Modular filterhousing made from welded stainless steel.



• EX
• Case
• ≤ 250°
The Solid CAT channel housing meets your performance requirements in all ductwork requiring the highest standards of air purity. The modular concept allows cost-effective adaptation to the needs of your process conditions. The housing can serve from a simple one-stage filter up to multi stage HEPA and gas/odor filter system for safety relevant applications. If required an adjustable fan can be integrated to the design.
Solid CAT housings are made of welded stainless steel (type 1.4301 or 1.4404 / 14571). Solid CAT can be fitted with any combinations of coarse and fine dust filters as well as HEPA's up to EN 1822 Class H14. Even the inclusion of molecular filters is provided.